Personal Coach

Training yourself during your stay in Nerja:

Every person is  unique and every body reacts differently! 
That's why we are convinced that a tailor-made workout is more
effective, for everybody, fysically as wel mentally, eventhough
certain limitations for example like Pelvic instability, an old
sportsinjury or lower back pain. 
Some of the specialities and services we offer:

(Post) rehabilitation 
Weight loss 
Body Sculpting  
1 on 1 training in a gym or outside/at home 
Nutricion & Weight Management 
Fitness 50+ /  Seniors 
Posture / Back care 
Circuit training 
Kettlebelt training 

Train a smarter, effective way. Be awesome, be you! 

What You Get

  • Personal Guide
  • Professional advice


  • Personal intake meeting